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A Visit with Mother Nature continued

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
written by Java Junkie

below are more shots from the same visit, although the ones below might be blurry, etc. they're still worthy of a blog post :) These will have commentary, too ;)

A very odd tree trunk.

One of the few shots I got of this beautiful creature who graced us with her presence not mere feet from us. It's blurry because I was so excited to see such an unexpected hostess that I was shaking. Although it looks like she's running in the photo, she's not. She calmly, though cautiously, walked in an arc around us, remaining pace until my eldest decided to argue that he didn't need to remain calm and quiet in order to not scare her off, when she picked up speed to a trot. She finally bolted when a couple with a poofball pursedog came down the trail behind us and the dog had an identity crisis, thinking it was much bigger than one of this girl's hoofs, which it wasn't.

I took probably a dozen pictures of this ravine trying to show it's depth and beauty but just could not get the right angle. Keep in mind, the kid you see in the picture (my eldest) is 6' tall ;)

Two of the tallest birch trees I've ever seen in my life. Yes, those are OTHER tree tops they're towering over.

Baby pine cones, aren't they adorable?

There are two more pictures that I'd like to post but Blogger's being a knob and I don't feel like creating a 4th post for this entry hah. Look for the little versions on my flickr account I guess. :)

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