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Thursday, June 01, 2006
written by Monkey

This may seem odd, but I'm desperate. I need someone to please find me an axe wielding garden gnome with a menacing look on his face. I can't say why... I just need to know where I can get one in the near future.
9:39 PM ::
  • It seems that most folks want their gnomes to be cheerful, non-threatening types... The *only* vaguely non-chearful versions I found were displayed on this mildly disturbing site. Just going there is probably going to get you on "the list", but hey, since I'm alerady there I figured I'd appreciate some company...

    Of course, if you really want to keep JJ out of the gardens, put one of these out there:

    Disclaimer: none of these links were in my bookmarks list. I never would have looked for them if you hadn't asked (you made me curious if there were any psychopathic garden gnomes out there)...

    By Anonymous attentive, at 11:14 AM  
  • (ps. don't let jj look at the second link or you'll have to deal with her being up all night - even more so than usual)

    By Anonymous attentive, at 11:16 AM  
  • Yeah right... it's halloween decorations... if they keep her up all night it will be because she's shopping at that guy's ebay store ;)

    By Blogger Monkey, at 2:37 PM  
  • hehehehe only after I sneak the credit card out of your wallet :D

    By Blogger Java Junkie, at 3:30 PM  
  • I don't have any axe -wielding garden gnome connections but if someone else comes up with this info, you MUST share it with me :)

    By Anonymous Izzy, at 3:43 PM  
  • I've seen it before, too, I just can't seem to find them ANYWHERE.

    By Blogger Java Junkie, at 4:09 PM  
  • I may have gotten a lead... the store I originally saw them at carry gnomes by Henri, Art Line, and Guild Craft....

    Any help would be appreciated :)

    By Blogger Monkey, at 9:48 AM  
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