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Random Conversation Quips

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
written by Java Junkie

I'm going to post this once a week, or try anyway. Here's some tidbits of conversation in our house over the last week


Me: How do you email somebody?

Monkey: Uh honey? {insert perplexed and worried look} I haven't heard that question since I worked at a help desk.

Ya Think?

*as we're taking the most scenic trail in Wildwood Preserve*

Monkey: Some really big critter is over there.

Me: Oh? How big?

Monkey: Big enough to move that whole tree *pointing to a rather large uprooted tree*

*20 feet down the path*

Me: Hear that?

Monkey: Yeah. It's probably that critter.

*as I look for the sound and spot the culprits*

Me: Aw. It's two chipmunks over there playing in those leaves.

Monkey: Well it can't be the critter then.

(side note: I'd be pretty fucking scared of a chipmunk that could shake a whole large uprooted tree. I would imagine it would be a harmless brown fluffy chipmunk ... with a set of {British accent} "nasty, sharp, pointy teef.")


*as we're climbing into bed for the night*

Me: Don't touch me with your bent elbow!

It's Our Little Secret

Me: *something edited*

Monkey: Oh yeah?? *something edited*

Me: *giggling* *something edited corrected*

Monkey: I could have sworn you said *something edited*

*roaring laughter from me*

Monkey: That one does NOT go in the conversation blog post for the week. *snicker*
2:25 PM ::
  • If you want to practice your emailing skillz, feel free to send me one!

    And please call me and let me know what the "something edited" was. Come on!

    By Anonymous Elizabeth, at 11:07 PM  
  • Me: Don't touch me with your bent elbow!

    rofl...I though I was the only one who hated that!

    By Anonymous Izzy, at 12:00 AM  
  • Is an unbent elbow acceptable?

    By Blogger TaterTot, at 8:15 AM  
  • Elizabeth - haha, wouldn't YOU like to know? ;)

    izzy - rofl me too! It might as well be an ice pick! haha

    tatortot - lol! depends on the position and the probability that it will, at some point, become bent ;)

    By Blogger Java Junkie, at 10:55 AM  
  • Thank you for your comment on our blog. You are so-o-o right!!

    You and comments always welcome. Please come back any time and often!!

    By Blogger Worried, at 4:00 PM  
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