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She was such a nice, quiet girl...

Friday, June 16, 2006
written by Java Junkie

I swear to God, if I don't end up being the girl that cracked and killed her entire family with a toothbrush this week it will be a miracle. Then I'm going to go after that little asshole, Murphy and his stupid law. Allow me to explain.

Lou got out of school for summer a week ago today, which is still Thursday in my book since I haven't gone to bed yet. That same day I
made some decisions regarding my health. As a consequence of actually sticking to these goals, for the most part (especially the walking) combined with my PEBV CFIDS, I'm Beat with a capital B, underscored. That's ok though, because I expected it. In order to get ya gotta give a bit, right?

Being able to expect it I thought would be a good thing. I spoke to Lou and Monkey about how I really would need them to do the things they're responsible for. This means Lou would need to clean up after dinner and do the dishes, take out the garbage and empty the cat litter once a week. It meant that Monkey would have to be responsible for the laundry. I knew I'd be wiped out and I wouldn't be able to "make up" for their housekeeping short comings. I truly thought I had their support.

As I type this there is a mountain, literally, of laundry, both clean and dirty, mixed together on my bedroom FLOOR. I have to fear for my life, risking tripping over the spillage to go to the restroom in the middle of the night. The dishes have been been left until the next morning more than half the nights this week, and even when they are there's all the "finishing touches" one usually does when doing the dishes. You know, wiping off the counter, off the stove, etc. Garbage has been left until it's spilling over the back of the trash can. While the cat litter was changed, there is a virtual sandbox on the laundry room floor because what Lou spilled while changing it, he didn't clean up.

For the most part I've held my tongue. I'm a pretty firm believer in if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem but to be honest at this point in time I'm starting to believe that IS the problem. In the past if Lou didn't wipe the counters off after dinner and I noticed, I would simply grab a sponge and do it myself. If Monkey didn't fold the laundry after a couple days I'd simply drag it out into the living room and do it for him. There have only been a couple times in the last week where I nagged to either of them about doing their jobs. But tonight takes the cake.

Not to relay too much information, but on TOP of hiking twice at Wildwood Park and going for a mile walk followed by a playground romp once within the last 5 days, I've been paying my monthly bill for the last two days. I'm beat. I'm so beat that throwing a hot dog in the microwave for Parker's lunch seems like a task. When I get this beat I also get insomnia pretty badly. Sounds ironic, I know, but it's because I'm so physically tired that I don't even have the energy to do the things that I normally do to tire my mind out. So tonight I laid in bed playing
Animal Crossing on the DS until I was so beat I knew I wouldn't lay in bed thinking about all the things I wish I had the energy to do that day. When it finally worked, I got up to make the rounds. You know, make sure the windows and doors are locked, feed the cats, etc. After doing the first, I made my way to the laundry room to feed the cats into their nightly food coma.

I get into the laundry room and there, on the cat litter box, is the 12 pack of paper towels that Monkey had brought home earlier. A mere 2 feet from the cupboard it's suppose to go into. I don't know about you but I'm not very thrilled at the thought of drying my hands, my face or any other surface with a paper product that's been sitting on top of a cat shitter. I sigh, grab the package and hoist it up onto one of the three boxes in this house left to be unpacked, knowing that I have to pull the cat food out of the same cupboard off the same shelf to feed the cats anyway and figuring I'll just put the paper towel into the cupboard after I do that since they go behind the cat food. I open up the cupboard, no cat food. Not as in we ran out and someone forgot to tell Monkey we needed more but as in Lou fed the cats last night and who knows where the cat food is. Thinking it might be in the box I just threw the paper towels on top of I grab the package to hoist it into the cupboard and *crash*ssssssssssss* a whole entire tub of oxyclean spills into the washing machine because someone left it on top of the dryer with it's lid off instead of putting it back onto the shelves above the washer and dryer with the lid on. The culprit's article of washing is still in the washing machine and now half covered with oxyclean... My eldest son's army back pack. So here I am at 2:00 in the morning scooping oxyclean out of a wash machine, back into the tub because the paper towels Monkey didn't put away when he brought them home knocked the oxyclean that my son left on the dryer and open into the washing machine when all I wanted to do in the first place was feed the friggen cats! Which reminds me, where the hell is the cat food?!? Oh! There it is, why didn't I realize it would be on top of the DVD rack in my bedroom?!? That's right where it belongs!

And the kicker? After finishing scooping up what I can and throwing the knapsack in for another washing since it's now encrusted with oxyclean I notice my jeans are as well and decide to take those off and throw those in too. I head to the bedroom to put on my PJ's and back into the laundry room where I kick over the cats' water dish that was left in the middle of the 2' wide walk space in the laundry room by my eldest when he fed the cats the night before and somehow I missed the first time. Now the bottom of my pj's are soaked, the laundry room floor is soaked AND covered in cat litter and the cats are pissed because they now have to stand in water to eat. And you know what? I don't give a rat's patooty. I'm going to bed. Just ignore the screaming you hear from my house, it'll only be Monkey howling from the pinch I am SO going to give his butt when I crawl into bed. Goodnight.
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  • Did you ever see the "That Seventies Show" episode where the mother, Kitty, wouldn't get out of bed?

    Love you, hun. Wish I could be there.

    By Blogger nmariluna, at 9:06 AM  
  • I'm sending you an old toothbrush so that you don't have to mess up yours. :)

    You are soooo justified in delivering a liberal application of cluebat.

    By Anonymous attentive, at 9:54 AM  
  • I SOOOOO hear you right now. Perhaps we could run away for a day at the beach together. I'll bring books and G&Ts, you bring the beach chairs. (Hey, all my towels are in the wash too!)

    By Blogger kittenpie, at 2:53 PM  
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