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Limbaugh busted for drugs again...

Monday, June 26, 2006
written by Monkey

... This time it was Viagra that wasn't prescribed. They found it while he was getting off of an airplane. They may charge him with a second degree misdemeanor.
Does anyone else see the humor in this? :D

Article here
10:27 PM ::
  • So he's addicted to painkillers, he's 55 and grossly overweight, and - surprise! - he's having trouble getting it up.

    He has the Viagra in his doctor's name "for reasons of confidentiality" (wuss), and ends up with the whole story splashed over a major news feed. (Justice!)

    Yeah, it's funny.

    By Anonymous Laura, at 6:28 AM  
  • I found the article rather educational...now we know what NOT to try to take on the plane for our trip to Vegas in the fall.

    By Blogger TaterTot, at 11:49 AM  
  • yeah, Misterpie stuck his head in the bathroom to tell me about it and we had a good laugh!

    By Blogger kittenpie, at 8:00 PM  
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