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Attacked by a lampshade...

Saturday, August 05, 2006
written by Monkey

Originally uploaded by CCli.

This, my friends, is what happens when you drop a lampshade on your foot.... particularly the lampshade on the taller lamp pictured here...

It's like 1/4th inch thick tempered glass and it landed just right as I was putting them together... don't get me wrong... I like the lamps... I just hated assembly :P

12:11 AM ::
  • :( I've been trying to convince him to get it XRayed. What he neglected to tell you is that the bruising isn't FROM the LAMPSHADE. It's from the pressure the swelling put on his foot inside his pair of Vans!... THE NEXT DAY even.

    I'm very worried about his kibs and tootsies :(

    Now! Tell the people!!!

    By Blogger Java Junkie, at 12:27 AM  
  • That looks painful! You should probably get it checked out.

    Also, what is your news????

    By Blogger radioactive girl, at 8:06 AM  
  • OW OW OW!!! Are you sure you don't want to get that looked at?

    Congratulations on the news.

    By Blogger Elizabeth, at 1:52 PM  
  • Um, yeah. I'd definitely have that looked at. Unless, of course, the lampshade in question was like, brass.

    By Anonymous mamatulip, at 7:43 PM  
  • It was tempered glass

    By Blogger Java Junkie, at 8:52 PM  
  • *ILL*-tempered! ;)

    By Anonymous attentive, at 10:39 AM  
  • OWWWWWWWWW! That looks pretty painful!

    By Anonymous Izzy, at 1:04 AM  
  • *update*

    He had it looked at and the Doctor said it was probably not broken, just broken blood vessles. That it would be a lot more swollen and bruised if it were broken. I'm not sure I agree with that considering it's STILL swollen. Reminds me of the time everyone kept saying my brother's hand wasn't broken because he could still move all his fingers. After a week my mother finally gave into his pleas and took him to the hospital. Three of his fingers were completely shattered.

    By Blogger Java Junkie, at 12:43 PM  
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