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Prison Break Brown

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
written by Java Junkie

So ever since I started this blog I've taken it upon myself to learn CSS. Mind you I can only do this for about 10 minutes at a time between the baby, laundry, my flair, naps, lunches, snacks, dinners, homework, mopping, and so on. But I'm getting there.

Believe you me, it's long over due considering I use to make a pretty decent living building websites for people. Although I use to be in charge of the graphics and layout, and the coding was left up to my partner, I still had to have a pretty good knowledge of what could be done (read: html.) Learning code comes pretty easy to me except for the fact that I find IT SO BORING! Well, usually anyway. This CSS stuff I'm not bored with at all. In fact, I'm designing websites even in my sleep!

Yesterday morning's conversation between Monkey and I when I first woke up:

Me: Ok now I'm designing websites in my sleep.

Monkey: In your sleep? You mean instead of actually sleeping?

Me: No I mean WHILE I'm sleeping - all night long I was coding the new look for our blog.

Monkey: Heh, you sure you weren't just doing it instead of sleeping?

Me: Well considering I was in prison and trying to decide what shade of brown I liked best on one window and planning a prison break in another... yes, I'm pretty sure.

Monkey: Oh. Well how'd the website turn out?

Me: I'll let you know as soon as I can figure out how to get past the tower guards.
10:39 AM ::
  • Hee hee! Although doesn't that mean that subconsciously you feel like coding equals prison?

    And I'm tagging you with the letter "D".

    By Blogger Elizabeth, at 4:28 PM  
  • ...or that coding is the *escape* from prison.

    By Anonymous attentive, at 6:01 PM  
  • Hey, I checked out your CSS blog because I'm nosy like that, and look at you making with the blog design! And I LOVE this banana/coffee background.

    By Blogger Elizabeth, at 10:26 PM  
  • haha!! Thanks :)) I have something going weird with it though and it stumped me half a day and I still am stumped. It's not letting the page scroll past 2 1/2 posts and I can't seem to figure out why.. So I'm kinda stuck on that because I really like the 3 column design, especially for Monkey and I to be sharing the blog. His crap could go on one side and mine on the other, etc.

    blah, it's late (2:30) I'm babbling, where's mah pillow :D

    By Blogger Java Junkie, at 2:36 AM  
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