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If your children eat McDonald's... McDonald's will eat your children...

Sunday, May 14, 2006
written by Monkey

One of the biggest problems (pun intended) in our country right now is obesity.

So I'm at a customers house a few days ago and saw not one, but TWO "Get in Shape" DVD's (btw you'll look just like the girl on the cover if you work out 15 minutes a day and eat McDonald's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) from McDonald's... and I thought... "There's something seriously wrong with someone if their first step to getting in shape is buying the value meal at McD's to get the free 15 minute workout DVD. "

I'm sure McDonalds' big plan for giving these out is to help people get in shape as well... That's why they still use partially hydrogenated oil's in there fryers. ::roll eyes::

If we ever plan on fixing the obesity problem in this country we should probably start with NOT eating at McDonald's :P
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  • When I worked there they changed their milkshake and ice cream mix to low-fat. People raised such a fuss about the way it tasted that they changed it back to their old, high-fat mix.

    By Blogger mama_tulip, at 3:45 PM  
  • Kristina here (thanks for visiting and commenting on my site). I totally agree with your post. People think, ok, if I just get a salad from McDonald's it's not too bad, but the truth is sald has no NUTRITIONAL CONTENT so it's not really all that healthy. It is so important to learn HOW to eat and that means learning where NOT to eat. Great post.

    By Anonymous Kristina, at 5:31 PM  
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