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Spectral Spectacles

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
written by Java Junkie

So I've been busting my hump for a few days now trying to re-learn CSS enough to be able to code a fluid three column SS with a header from scratch. I don't know why it has to be from scratch, there are so many others out there that have already done the work and are more than happy to share it I know. I think it's just so I can prove to myself that I CAN. But given my short term memory problems, I am having the toughest time remembering enough of what I've read in time to script even a line or two. I may be making it more difficult by trying to incorporate old code into a new format so tomorrow I may just scrap it all, start from scratch, and put what I want where I want after I'm done with it all. Hey, wake up! I'm almost to my point!

My point is that I've been sort of consumed by this for the last two days, taking only VERY occasional breaks to visit a blog here and there to let my brain rest. Email has gone unanswered, private messages, shout outs and replies on forums like Maya's Mom and flickr remain unread, the baby was only sat on the potty chair three times today, etc.

As I sat in the living room TRYING to get some studying done from the laptop in between the turns Parker and Holly were taking running up and jumping on the keyboard, it occurred to me (while having to clean Holly slobber off of them) that I haven't posted a pic of my new glasses yet. So here ya go.. I know they're not terribly good pictures, but I'm too engrossed to comb my hair today, and I'm certainly not going to take a pic with my hair in the pony tail it currently is in and let you all see my huge elfin magic ears COMPLETELY hair naked.

I know there's a bit of ghosting on this one (thus the name of this post) and the angle makes my nose enormous but when you're trying to hold the camera for yourself and NOT turn on the overhead florescent or use a flash that would totally wash me out, it's not so easy to remain perfectly still.

And I know this one cuts off my chin AND shows the elf ears a bit, BUT you're not going to look at that are you? Nooo - you're looking at what a pretty shade of blue the arms are and the velvety shade of wine of the rims, aren't you? :)

Anyway, off to a "hot date" with Monkey to watch Casino Royale in bed while eating popcorn and folding laundry, woot!

10:28 PM ::
  • Wanna fold some of my laundry while you're at it?

    I love the new glasses, by the way! Someday I'll get myself a new pair, too. Its been several years since the last pair and I'm now "unfashionable". They live in the glove compartment lately since the only place I'm legally required to wear them is while driving!

    By Blogger Fold My Laundry Please, at 1:03 AM  
  • I think I'm legally required to wear mine just to get out of bed in the morning lol. When I went in for my eye exam and the assistant took my old glasses from me she said "wow there's some power in these!" Little did she know then that my prescription would go up a diopter on one eye and a diopter and three quarters on the other! lol

    As for your laundry, looking at the two baskets I have here that still need to be folded and the laundry yet to be washed, I'd say that by the time I'd get around to folding it, it would have already cycled through the clean/dirty route a few times over lol!

    By Blogger Java Junkie, at 10:30 AM  
  • Kate went to get the laser thing but they told her her cornea's were too thin... so she got implants.

    yes, my GF has implants!!
    the boobs are real but the eyes are fake!

    she too had x-ray glasses like you :)

    By Blogger inerlogic, at 12:23 PM  
  • I really like them... MOM

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:51 PM  
  • hi again

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:55 PM  
  • Well at least anonymous is working. got lots of reading to catch up on seein how you've been back over a week and i hadn't checked for a couple weeks. glad your back. love ya

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:04 PM  
  • you fold your clean laundry? what a novel concept. well I have to admit we DO get around to folding stuff when we have a "laundry day" but most of the time the one and two baskets just hang out in the living room collecting dog hair, you know, because if a sock hits the floor it is all over. honestly you all non-golden-retriever-owning folks cannot even believe how much these dogs shed... and with wood floors it just floats, not like carpet where it sticks down.
    OK sis I have to run but I promise I will read the other two entries I haven't got to as soon as I possibly can. Love you!

    By Blogger nmariluna, at 9:27 AM  
  • oh yeah, I almost forgot, nice specs dude!

    By Blogger nmariluna, at 9:28 AM  
  • Hey nice spectacles there woman! I miss the rose tint, but these new ones are very classy as well. :)

    Yes, I finally created an account here. Haven't done much with it yet. Your god daughter got into a pile of old notes I had stacked on the computer desk and ran off with a few. One she was chewing on had your number on it - so I figured it was a sign!!! lol She also prefers to lie in folded laundry to unfolded, while we're on the topic.

    Speaking of mundane chores, I better get to some!

    By Blogger Michele AKA Kaivyl, at 1:57 PM  
  • Wow . . . kind of stopped using this page altogether, eh? Hope everything is good with you. I have a whole new daughter since last we spoke. Drop me a line if you ever actually visit this page.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:01 PM  
  • Hmmmm . . . my daughter is getting older and older and still no comment from you. Write me.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:52 PM  
  • Supersleek rims!! Love the look java. And thanks for the comment on my blog- I'm enjoying yours so much.


    By Blogger Hannah, at 6:30 PM  
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